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7-Day Mental Health Care Challenge

7-Day Mental Health Care Challenge

Ramsay MentalHealthCare’s 7-Day Challenge is all about setting small, achievable goals that can help us form and sustain good mental health habits.

Invest in your own wellbeing and join us in the challenge!

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Visitor Screening

New COVID-19 screening system

We have introduced a new screening process to protect the safety and wellbeing of our visitors, patients, employees, doctors and contractors.

The new system requires a person to scan a unique QR code – using the camera function on their smart phone – before they enter the facility.

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The Cairns Clinic – Services overview

This brief animation provides an overview of the mental health services at The Cairns Clinic.

People caring for people.

Ramsay Health Care's slogan "People Caring for People" was developed over 25 years ago and has become synonymous with the way we operate our business. We recognise that we operate in an industry where "care" is not just a value statement, but a critical part of the way we must go about our daily operations in order to meet the expectations of our customers - our patients and our staff.

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