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Day Program Services

A variety of out-patient, group based therapy programs available

Day Program Services at The Cairns Clinic offer a comprehensive range of out-patient, group based therapy programs that can help prevent relapse following discharge from the Clinic.


Anxiety Disorders

This program seeks to promote awareness and teach skills that enable people to take responsibility and control of their anxiety in order to enjoy an improved quality of life. It also aims to help clients develop their skills to decrease areas of vulnerability to prevent relapse and to develop symptom recognition and a personal intervention plan.

Drug and Alcohol

Focuses on stage one and stage two recovery.

Stage one addresses helping a client come to terms with living life without alcohol and drugs and incorporates relapse techniques in order to achieve this.

Stage two recovery focuses on dealing with the underlying issues relevant to developing emotional wellbeing and maintaining ongoing abstinence.

Mood Disorders

This program is specifically designed for those with depression and offers education and skills for managing depression in a supportive environment. There is an opportunity to practice implementing the skills and ideas introduced during an in house admission. Participants are given assistance in developing a weekly plan for achieving goals that are related to meaningful areas of life.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) program

The program consists of CBT based treatment because it directly meets the needs of the different stages of PTSD. It is present and problem orientated to reduce current symptoms. It is brief, time-limited and structured with the goal of strong treatment gains over a short time frame.

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)

The therapy combines standard cognitive-behavioural techniques for emotion regulation and reality-testing with concepts of distress tolerance, acceptance, and mindful awareness largely derived from Buddhist meditative practice.

Life Esteem

This program is a two stage program designed to assist people with low self-esteem who have a decreased ability to deal with distress. This program runs for one day per week for six weeks. However, participants may attend either the self-esteem program or the Distress Tolerance program separately.

What Is Bi-Polar Disorder?

The Bipolar group will help people learn more about their illness and what it means to have Bipolar Disorder, as well as what options people have to live life more comfortably and effectively. As would be expected with any condition that affects the brain, Bipolar Disorder directly impacts the emotional and cognitive functioning of people who are diagnosed with this disorder. Therefore, psychological therapy is important for identifying and implementing concrete goals, increasing awareness and compliance of medications, creating bonds with others who have the same condition, reducing negative behaviours, and learning new coping skills.

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