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Day Program Services

A variety of out-patient, group based therapy programs available

Day Program Services at The Cairns Clinic offer a comprehensive range of out-patient, group based therapy programs that can help prevent relapse following discharge from the Clinic.

Mood Disorders

This program is specifically designed for those with depression and offers education and skills for managing depression in a supportive environment. There is an opportunity to practice implementing the skills and ideas introduced during an in house admission. Participants are given assistance in developing a weekly plan for achieving goals that are related to meaningful areas of life. This is a 10 week program and is a ‘closed group’ which means new people cannot enter the group once the program has commenced.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) program

The program consists of CBT based treatment because it directly meets the needs of the different stages of PTSD. It is present and problem orientated to reduce current symptoms. It is brief, time-limited and structured with the goal of strong treatment gains over a short time frame.

Relapse Prevention Programme

Staying well, this program uses a cognitive behavioural approach to explore topics designed for you to maintain wellness, this includes understanding triggers and early warning signs, developing support networks and coping strategies. This group is ideal for those recently returning to the community from hospital, who are experiencing a decline in mood or functioning and those waiting for other groups to commence. This is an open group and new patients can enter at any time.

For more information on the Day Programs available from The Cairns Clinic contact us today on (07) 4050 7000.

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