The Cairns Clinic
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Centre for Clinical Intervention - module based treatment program for several psychological disorders/treatment problems.

The Happiness Trap - many free psychological resources including mindfulness recordings from an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Prospective.

MoodGym – Cognitive Behavioural skills for preventing and coping with depression. Developed by the Australian National University, MoodGym has good evidence supporting its benefit in depression and anxiety.

Mental Health Carers Australia - is a national advocacy group solely concerned with the well-being and promotion of mental health carer needs.


Sleep Cycle – Iphone/Ipod App for monitoring sleep patterns and triggering alarm at most favourable point of sleep.

T2 Mood Tracker – released by the US Army to allow users to self-monitor emotional experience. Monitors behavioural issues like PSTD, brain injury, life stress, depression, anxiety with notes on environmental influences. Results can be a self-help tool or can be shared with a therapist or other healthcare provider as a record of the patient’s emotional experience over time.

Let Panic Go – App using mindfulness and controlled breathing to assist people with panic attacks.

PTSD Coach – contains education about PTSD and tools for managing symptoms of PTSD.